So, here I am sitting at my 2010 Mac Book Pro trying to decide how to write a bio for my web site. I’ve done stuff like this before, but I always try to write from a 3rd person’s perspective. As if someone else was writing a bio for me. I think this time around however, I want to just speak from my heart. Perhaps this will turn into some sort of a blog.

My dad always used to say “When preparation meets opportunity, success happens.”

Well I started my professional musical career at a very young age. Dad and I used to play every weekend at American legion, am-vets, and VFW clubs all around west Michigan. With me on Bass, John Anderson on drums and Dad as the front-man/guitarist. This is where I learned how to put on a show. It was also great for a 15 year old kid to be making $50 a night on Friday and Saturday night every week just playing some songs with pops.

Soon as I became an Adult and could legally get into the bars, I joined the Fatt Lapp Blues band of Grand Rapids, MI as a Lead Guitarist. Playing various venue’s, Festivals, party’s and recording sessions. This is where I really paid my dues as a Lead Guitarist. I had a tremendous amount of freedom to explore the haunting melodies of Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and Jimmy Reed. As well as create signature licks for many original tunes. I learned to play slide and really sing with the guitar thanks to Asamu Johnson allowing me to just flow and create. I have a lot of respect for that man as a “Real Deal Blues Artist.”

Milestone 22 years of age. The year was 2009, and I got a call to go on the road. Australian Didgeridoo, Harmonica, Singer/songwriter Perter D Harper( needed a guitarist to travel internationally and preform some 250+ shows a year. I learned how to party, I learned how to command a stage, and I most of all I learned the ropes of a successful touring pro level blues band at this time. I became an international touring guitarist. I went to the UK, Belgium, France, and Seen a huge part of the US and Canada. Talk about culture shock. After about 13 months on the road I had some family issues back home and needed to take a break from the busy life on the road.

It was at this time I teamed up with a Country artist named Kris Hitchcock. Armed with his band, Small Town Son, they really had a good thing going and I was able to jump right in on Bass Guitar and tour the Midwest with them. I learned about the massive country scene all around Michigan as well as the Midwest. Some of my most memorable shows with them were the CD release parties at The Intersection as well as preforming at the B93 Birthday Bash and a couple Caribbean Cruise Tours. I learned how to be a solid foundation for an Artist to depend on playing bass at this level. But after about 2.5 years doing the country thing I started to really miss playing lead guitar. With the band moving on to Nashville I choose to go back to the blues life.

Again I joined up with Harper and Midwest Kind for another 2 years on the road. Traveling over seas and getting to visit England and Ireland Canada and extensive trips around the US. Just another period of seasoning for this red headed white boy who wants to sing his blues. All I’m going to say at this point. Is we are all put here to do things for god. And I really believe it is that GOD that helped me along the way on this tour. But I knew this was just a stepping stone to greater things. It was a period of Growth for me. I learned so much about myself on the road and had some of the best times of my life.

Life happens.. things change. Real truths start to come to you as you age. You figure out how you want to live, who you want in your life, and just how your going to go about it. I knew I wanted to be a pro touring musician. But I longed for more creativity than I was allowed to express with the professionalism of the band I was working for. I needed to go back to my roots and I joined up with Asamu Johnson yet again. I did this for a while. But it was hard to really gain much momentum. Something still just wasn’t right. But we played many shows and recorded more music and I gained more experience over the period of a year or so.

I got another call. To go back on the road to places like Germany and China with Harper. I took the gig for a 3rd time. After 2 years of this I really started to feel like I was in the wrong place. I wanted so desperately to be that PRO touring Musician and I did my job day in and day out. Paying my dues to sing the blues. But I still was not happy. I had this desire to write and create new music. I made the choice to leave Harper and make my own band.

Now here we are, 2018 going into a new year. Big things are happening for us. People enjoy our sound, we enjoy our time together as a band. We have some serious history in this brand new band. It’s a 30 year over night success. Thanks for reading! Until next edit Cheers Mate!

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